Joah Gerstenberg
Hi. I'm Joah.

I'm a web-developer based out of the Southeast Texas (USA) area.

I build web applications to help businesses improve their web presence.

You can read more about me at


Below are just a few of my projects. Many more may be seen on my GitHub profile.

To see a gallery of my projects, visit this page on a desktop computer, or check out my GitHub profile.

  • bibleRef.js

    Javascript script to detect Bible references and link to a website where they may be read online.


    Charity website built for local church. Built in collaboration with Haley Higgins.

  • obfuscatejs

    Simple Rails plugin to obfuscate strings in views.

  • Beaver Words

    HTML5 game built for GitHub Game Off 2012. Built in collaboration with Haley Higgins.

  • HTML Calculator

    HTML/CSS/JS Calculator built for a Codecademy project.

  • Codecademy Moderators App

    Time management application built for the Codecademy Moderators.


    A JavaScript REPL built on Ruby on Rails.